Kim Trezona

105 Tussled Ivy Way
Cary, NC 27513

Cell: 919-460-9047

Office: 919-616-6512

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Sarah Griffin

Phone: 919-721-2118

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Here's what some of the advisers who work with our team have to say about our services and Jostens products.


Vicki Crouse, Wake Forest High School, Wake Forest, North Carolina told us:

"Kim and her team are always there for me. They work tirelessly to help with every little problem and detail. They're always honest. Kim makes us laugh at ourselves, and she laughs with us; however, she is also quick to offer a shoulder to cry on when we need that, as well. In short, she is the complete package! Kim "goes the extra mile" for us, too. (That means in the car and in every other way.) "

Joni Amerson, Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, North Carolina told us:

"The minute I met Kim, I knew she was enthusiastic and had a passion for yearbook and for Jostens. She offers so much encouragement. Her customer service is unbeatable. She will do anything and everything for us...with many things going unnoticed behind the scenes. Kim is willing to work through every bump in the road and offer innovative ideas for improvement. Kim and her team are the BEST!"

Laura Jean Hodges, Fuquay-Varina High School, Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina told us:

"I wish we had made the switch to Jostens much sooner! Kim's strong level of support was not our experience before Jostens. Kim and her team gave us great new ideas about how to organize and design our book and how to enhance our marketing strategies. The staff has been far more confident in their abilities this year, and I attribute it to working with Kim and the Jostens’ team."




Kristin Stimmell

Phone: 919-818-9279

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Our team's plant consultant in Clarksville is Shannon Stamper

Plant Consultant

You can reach Shannon by phone at 800-248-9725 (ext 45869) or by e-mail by clicking here.